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 You dream of touring the globe, performing for thousands, changing lives and make money doing what you love.

But right now…

✔️ You’re struggling to get out of the local scene and play bigger shows, supports and festival slots. 
✔️ Past releases have done okayyyyy, but they could have gone better.

✔️ You’ve hit a plateau in growth and find it hard to get engagement from your ideal audience.

✔️ You feel like your band is being ignored by the industry and aren't sure why.

✔️ You know it's time to go hard or go home.

Every day I see countless bands making mistakes that are costing them time, money and motivation.

The more time it takes to build momentum for your music career, the more disheartened you’ll become. 💔

For too long early-stage bands have been stuck stabbing in the dark when it comes to what to do next.

📈 There IS a formula and I'm here to teach it to you. 📈



All The Tools You Need To Release Music, Grow a Fanbase + Build A Successful Music Career

 What does it look like?

🔥 With one single, I took my band from unknown to buzzing.  Spotify playlists, rotation on national radio, over 40 media placements, festival offers and more.  We then signed to the biggest booking agency in the country for heavy acts.

But this isn't a unique story. Here are just SOME of the achievements the existing BIAB members have had since joining:

👉 50k Spotify streams in a week

👉 Multiple Spotify Editorial playlists

👉 Won a SA Music award

👉 Charted on iTunes

👉 Brand endorsements

👉 Festival slots
 + sold out headliners

👉 Sold more albums than when they were signed

👉 Expanded their team to include management, booking agents + labels

👉 Renewed passion for music

👉 Overcome musician burnout

Multiple Being in a Band students have also since started working in the industry doing PR, management, bookings or consultancy themselves due to what they have learned inside this membership!

When it comes to musicianship and songwriting, that's on you, dude/dudette! But when it comes to the tools and strategies to get your music out there, that's where The Being in a Band Academy comes in!


 What You Get: 

1. Crush Your Next Release Course

Your end-to-end release strategy as an unsigned artist/band. Learn how to have success with your next release in just 6 weeks!

[We'll be doing this course together starting 12th January 2022.]

Week 1: The Why

Knowing who you are at the core and why you want to pursue a career in the music business is essential for long-term success. We also set some release goals.

📅 Goes live Wednesday 12 January 2022


Week 2: The Product

Single, EP or album? In this module, we'll not only decide what to release but discuss putting together your creative team and decide whether physicals is right for you

📅 Goes live Wednesday 19 January 2022


Week 3: The Plan

The nitty-gritty release + promo strategy.  We talk release timeline, marketing plan, PR and your budget!

📅 Goes live Wednesday 26 January 2022


Week 4:
The Content

Never be stuck on what to post again!  Let's bring your music to life through content.  We also will discuss and define your branding.

📅 Goes live Wednesday 2 February 2022


Week 5: The Release

Here's exactly what to do leading up to and on release day so you never miss a beat and capitalize on every opportunity.

📅 Goes live Wednesday 9 February 2022


Week 6: The Momentum

You've done the work, let's keep that momentum going. Let's also discuss long-term strategy.

📅 Goes live Wednesday 16 February 2022

2. Masterclass Vault

Immediate access to 25 masterclasses:


 Content Creation & Cultivating a Fanbase
★ Creating High-Converting Websites
★ Email Marketing
 Facebook & Instagram Ads
★ Getting a Manager + Booking Agent
 Getting Bigger Shows
★ Goal Setting
 Grow Your Streams
★ Killer Launches & Profit Planning
 Networking & Label Interest
★ Rebranding
 Release Strategy 101
★ Sponsorships & Endorsements
 Planning For a New Year
★ PR & Media Training
 The Mindset You Need for Long-Term Success
★ Visuals & Branding
★ Using TikTok & Reels
★ Your Band's Business (Admin + Finance)

★ Your Personal Brand as a Musician
+ More!

3. Facebook Community

This is where we keep in contact between calls. Ask questions about a masterclass or anything else you need help with and Monica and the community are here to support you!

4. Live Workshops + Events

Live workshops and events are held several times a year over Zoom. These events often include live Q&As, mindfulness, and goal setting. Always a vibe!


 What Members Are Saying: 

"After taking some time off music, I returned to the scene incredibly confused by the new world of social media. Monica has been an immense help in helping me understand the different aspects of effective social media engagement and management. This membership has been a great help in understanding, solidifying and optimizing our branding, social media & engagement. The sense of community and comradery has been great as well."

Mish Sha
Torizon / Overdrive PR

"Since joining the Being in a Band Membership I've become more confident leading my own bands PR campaigns and social media presence as well as become more confident giving advice to others in the music industry when asked for it.

I feel like, as a whole, I am more equipped to take my music to the public and present my product in a way that is more professional and I am confident I am taking the necessary steps toward working in the music industry as a career."

Brendan Grace
Necronata / Hard Drive Agency

"Before the 'Being in a Band' membership I had very little to no idea on how to promote my band properly and found that more often than not I was taking a shot in the dark when it came to things such as, PR, Social Media and Marketing,

But only after a few short months of being in Monica's course I can already see drastic improvements

I would wholeheartedly recommend the 'Being in a Band' membership to anyone who feels insecure or just straight-up confused when it comes to promoting and marketing your band/work and I can promise that it will hundred per cent make a world of difference in only a short amount of time!"

Mitchell Hand

"The Being in a Band Membership is such a valuable and essential tool for anyone looking to guide their path into the music industry, in one capacity or another.

Monica is such a natural teacher and the attention to detail in every masterclass is honestly mind-blowing! Without this membership, I wouldn't have half the skills I do know, and I use so many of them every single day. Worth every minute!"

Declan Sean Boss
No No No No No

"I've never met someone who works harder than Monica at giving her clients the best - she's taken all the stress and procrastination out of all the hard parts of being in a band.

The monthly workshops, Q&A's, mailing list announcements, she's killing it and it's an honour to be a part of the community she's cultivated. I can't recommend The Academy enough."

Blake Cateris
Molly & The Krells

"The Being In A Band Membership has been very helpful for me as an artist. There are no shortcuts in the music industry, you have to be willing to do the majority of the work on your own, this membership will give you a good sense of direction if you are unsure of what to do with your releases or how to market them. This membership with equip you with the know-how and the tools necessary to jump start your own career.

You’ll be steps ahead of everyone who isn’t thinking of these things. Stop waiting around for an opportunity to happen and start building your foundation today. There is lots of support and encouragement, as well as meditation techniques to help you deal with overloading and burnout.

You can also go at your own pace, and the turnaround time for emails is only a few days at most!"

Mob Scene




🔥 1. Crush Your Next Release Course - A 6-week course to teach you how to release music professionally as an independent artist or band. (Value = $997)

🔥 2. Masterclass Vault - 25 masterclasses with resources to help you drill down on specific areas you want to go more in-depth into like email marketing, sponsorships, growing your streams, getting a record deal and more! (Value = $4,997)

🔥  3. Private Facebook Group - Ask questions and get daily support from a community of like-minded business-savvy musicians and pros. (Value = $497)

🔥  4. Live Events - Periodic integration and group coaching days held via Zoom! (Value = $497)

PLUS These Bonus Tutorials!

👉 Creating Your EPK
👉 Mastering the Networking Game (by A&R Matt Bacon)
👉 Spotify Playlist Submission Tutorial
👉 Setting Up Soundcloud for Industry Tutorial
(Value = $497)

TOTAL VALUE = $7,485

You pay: $997

Choose a payment option:

Being in a Band Academy Pay In Full

Get lifetime access!

$997.00 USD


🏳️‍🌈 BTW! Women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community and other minority groups are especially encouraged to join. This is an inclusive space and I am focused on pushing your important voices (quite literally) to the forefront of our industry.

About Monica

What's up! I'm Monica and I'm first and foremost a musician in an alt. metal band The Last Martyr. This year we relaunched with a new single that achieved over 40 media placements globally, Spotify playlisting, rotation on radio, immense fan growth, festival offers and a signing to the biggest heavy music booking agency in the country.

I am also a music journalist (most recently I was the editor of Warner Music's Maniacs), digital marketer, artist coach and host of the Being in a Band podcast. 

Over the years I've seen far too many of my talented peers quit music and it's my mission to empower and inspire musicians and music industry pros to live a life they dream of. Are you ready to crush your next release?

 More Testimonials: 

"This group that Monica is offering is amazing! Especially how interactive the sessions are, and to be able to talk and learn from the greatest (Monica). With her experience and knowledge, learning from her will help any band excel in new release, branding, or just being in a band."

Ryo Andi
A Swift Farewell

"Monica’s engaging approach makes even the more mundane aspects of the “business” side of music fun to get into and easy to absorb. The community she has built up around her goal of educating musicians in these finer details is supportive, welcoming, and insightful, giving this perpetual outsider not only a sense of belonging, but also much needed guidance in tackling the music business."
Tristan Higgins
Fictitous Me

"I wanted to learn from Monica after hearing about what she does to help bands. Her attitude about this stuff is amazing and I love her no bullshit approach! Really down to earth and easy to work with 😍 100% recommend."


"Monica Has made this experience enjoyable, informative and very interesting. I always look forward to the monthly masterclass replays. She’s so insightful, intelligent and lots of fun to work with and chat to."

Des Hancock
Wicked Envy

"The Being in a Band membership rocks because of the masterclasses and resources, but also valuable as a great learning experience interacting with other musicians who share their experiences as well. I feel a special learning trust when other musicians share, including Monica Strut, and this is why I resonate with Being in a Band!"

Tommy Stewart
Black Doomba Records

"Monica is unique among music marketing experts: she has to balance ‘real’ jobs, life, and her music career just like the rest of us, and she puts her own advice to the test with her own band, so you can see the value she provides play out (and work) in real-time!"

Shannon Kerr
EFP Production

Hobby bands need not apply. This Academy is for serious musicians + industry pros who KNOW they have what it takes to turn their passion into a full-time career.

Are you with us? LET'S DO THIS! 🤘