A FREE workshop for musicians who want to turn music into their career! Learn to:

Move your career forward with every release

Promote your music to generate a buzz

✅ Stand out in an oversaturated market


Hey original musician,

If you want to know how to ensure your music is not only heard by your ideal fans but generates new and bigger opportunities for you/your band, this workshop will be a game-changer!

How come?

Inside I teach you not only how to launch new music in the world and actually get it heard, but keys to standing out in an oversaturated market.

Because the thing is -- Most bands miss steps when releasing music, and nothing sucks more when the art you're proud of falls on deaf ears.

So many musicians are looking for "hacks" to be successful, doing things like...

𝙓 Pitching to a million playlists

𝙓 Posting a crazy amount on socials

𝙓 Thinking more followers = bigger opportunities

𝙓 Playing as many shows as possible

When in fact all these things can actually work against you leaving you feeling burned out, jaded and wondering why bands that haven't been around as long are getting all these opportunities!

Are you feeling like...

→→ Past releases bombed

→→ Or maybe they did ok, but not as well as you'd hoped

→→You know your music is good but you're still not getting bigger show opportunities, radio play or industry support

→→ You've hit a plateau in growth

→→ Like there's something you're missing or some big industry secret...

This FREE workshop has you covered.

 Because I know you know the power of music and you not only have songs that deserve to be heard, but a message that could impact people around the globe like your favourite artists have done for you.

Which is why I've created this workshop.

I'll tell you what release goals to set to get you to your next level with case studies from past clients so you can understand where you're at, and the EXACT steps to take.

You'll learn how to effectively promote your music without burning yourself out or feeling 'spammy.'

How to stand out in an oversaturated market so that you start buzzing within your scene. 

Because after working with hundreds of artists, bands and music industry professionals online, I know that whilst the music is of course, the most important component, the success of a single, EP or album comes down to the plan you have.

There is more to releasing music than uploading to streaming services.

But so many musicians overcomplicate the process whilst also missing vital components.


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It's fun, easy-to-digest 60 minute workshop that will give you all the elements for the perfect play to CRUSH YOUR NEXT RELEASE!  No crazy ads strategies other marketers teach, no need to spend hours a day on playlist pitching or posting endlessly on socials, just a real information on how to get your music out there without breaking the bank or spending hours on tasks that barely do anything in getting exposure.

Here's what's covered:

  • Setting release goals and why most bands aren't setting the right goals to actually move forward
  • Step-by-step release plan - the four phases of your music launch
  • How to get exposure + credibility in your scene to grow your fanbase and generate a 'buzz'
  • Creating endless social media content without burning out
  • Standing out in an oversaturated market for bigger opportunities that move your career forward

Plus much more! 👇👇👇




"Monica had a great attitude and offered new perspectives on a band of our style and longevity in releasing new music in the streaming music era. I have no doubt her guidance helped us in driving an unprecedented increase in online music sales and engagement compared to anything we've done before."

Bad Moon Born

“Monica’s wealth of knowledge is a real testament to both her experience in the industry, and level of professionalism. We have also picked up new skills and knowledge that will aid us greatly in handling future campaigns."

Baby Dave

"Through Monica’s guidance and help, was able to set ourselves out so that we look like the real deal. It’s all still a bit surreal to be honest. I didn’t think we’d ever reach this stage, and then it all happened at once. It was super fun and easy working with Monica. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Hey, I'm Monica

I'm a musician, music journalist, digital marketer and music industry coach. I help up and coming musicians and bands have their best releases yet so they can supercharge their careers.

If you're here I know that music is your life. But the more time it takes to become successful, the more disheartened you'll become.

My passion is in helping talented musicians like you grow their fanbase and get bigger opportunities so they can achieve their dreams.

Grow your career with every release!

If you're an original musician looking for the best way to release your music so that it actually gets heard, I want to help you!

Everything you do in your career revolves around your music, from tours to branding, record deals and sync. So make sure that your next release is your best release yet!

For a limited time you can get this workshop for free showing you how to do just that!

So just click the button below to learn the strategies that most musicians don't know and be a step above the rest.  

No crazy ads, no pitching to a million playlists, just sustainable tactics you will rinse and repeat for every single release from now on.


And have your BEST release yet! 🎉