Live Life On Your Own Terms.

Business mentorship for consultants, teachers and other online businesses within the music industry.


A new paradigm in the music industry is approaching.

In a time when the only thing we can count on is that plans can change at a moments notice, some may ask why we keep going. The answer: We are the change we want to see.

You've landed on this page for a reason. And right now the thing I know for sure is that the music world is calling you to step up and be a leader.

👉 To navigate the way forward in a new post-pandemic music industry

👉 To show that art and entertainment is of high service and worthy of massive compensation

👉 To push for a more inclusive safer music scene that leads the way for other industries 

 You don't have to know everything to be. a leader. You only have to be a few steps ahead of your ideal client. Hell, you can even be right beside them!

A leader simply has: a) a story, and b) the courage to step out and go first.

As creatives, working too long in jobs that aren't aligned with our values can eat away at motivation, creativity and self-worth over time.

 I worked for years in soul-sucking day jobs where I was underappreciated and underpaid.

So 3 years ago, I started a consulting business with my eyes set on turning it from side-hustle to main hustle.  And despite not having any mentors in the music industry to turn to for advice, I did it.

Through my biz, I’ve been able to make a better income than any of my day jobs, establish myself as a leader in my field, grow my network and – as an added bonus – lead more followers/fans/industry people to my band.

Most importantly, I am more fulfilled and happier than ever!

Now, I want to help you do. the same. 

There's a part of you that knows you were meant for something big.

Are you ready to step into that next version of you?

The Magic of Business Coaching

STRATEGY: We will work together to add or refine income streams to increase your revenue and impact on the world.  We will also work on your branding, marketing + reach to take your biz to the next level.

SPEED UP SUCCESS: I've been where you are and can help you get to where you want to go faster and with more support than going it alone.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I will keep you accountable, support you and celebrate with you as you achieve your goals.

MINDSET: As a coach, I will be able to support you as well as call B.S. on any limiting beliefs and mindset blockers that self-sabotage your success.  Building upon your confidence and self-worth is all part of building a sustainable business. 

NETWORK: I am able to connect you with other contacts that will be able to help you achieve your goals.


What's Included:

Strategy Meetings

Conducted over Zoom around twice per month, this is where we set goals, brainstorm, plan and check in to keep you accountable. You'll get the recordings + notes/resources after each session.

Private Chat

Access to me via Voxer (a walkie talkie app). I’m there each and every step of the way as you build your business for daily support, accountability, questions and feedback between calls.

Lifetime access to the Work From The Tour Bus Course

6 modules of educational content to help you with all the fundamentals of starting and growing your biz like marketing, growing an audience, building your product/service range and more!

Resources & Contacts

Through my many years working in the industry and as a musician, I’ve created and accumulated a killer library of resources and contacts to support you.


3-Month Mentorship

$2,497 USD

Or 3x monthly payments of $915 USD

I'm so excited to help you create a business and life you're obsessed with!


Got more questions?

DM me on Instagram @monicastrut or email me at [email protected]!


What past business clients + students have to say:

Blaike Murphy, INLND

"I came to Monica with INLND in hopes that she could help me take the next step in my business and by golly we covered so much in only a 90min consult! The amount of valuable information and knowledge Monica has to share is immense! I cannot recommend getting in contact enough! If you’re unsure, just do it, trust me it is so so worth it! Absolute legend!"

Tommy Stewart, Black Doomba Records

"Monica helped me and enhanced my career several ways! Her expertise in marketing was obvious and I resonated with her as she is a musician too. My goals going in were to learn and be able to apply new skills to enhance my career and that's what happened. Thank you, Monica!"

Jaz Yates, JY Management

"Working with Monica really helped me to challenge my business direction, respect my worth and look towards executing more marketing tools for my business. Monica's supportive, flexible but also thought challenging methods allowed me to push past the concepts I got stuck in when owning my business for 5 years already.
With Monica's guidance and support I felt confident to challenge my pricing structures, reaffirm client boundaries, launch my podcast, launch an email marketing strategy and look further into providing digital marketing as a service within my business. Thank so much Monica, now I just have to do you proud by keeping it up!"

Isha Howard (Music Marketing Coach)

"As a professional in the music industry, I had been a bit unclear the past few months as to what my exact vision and purpose is towards working in the industry. I knew that I had all the info and knowledge required, but I wasn't sure exactly how to take that next step in order to reach the right people who may be in need of my help. 

After taking Monica's course, my vision became so much more crystal clear and my longing to help musicians has expanded to greater lengths. 

Each module was thorough, concise and well explained and she is wonderful at answering any questions we had. I highly recommend having Monica as your coach or enrolling in the Working From The Tour Bus course. You will learn a lot and everything that you weren't exactly sure about will become so much more defined."

Cody Beattie (Artist Manager)

"Monica's overall vibe, language, spirituality & journey was something I really connected with. As I was already pursuing my own media & content as a business, I found there was no one better to work with!

I have discovered the ins & outs of the industry. I have gained not only the confidence to work with individuals in the music industry but also potential customers, friends & fans. Monica's focus on attitude, positivity, spirituality & connectedness within the industry is second to none.

I have not seen the type of work Monica does, approached such a motivating manner - her countless encouragement & "hell yeah" attitude alone is worth the time. Other coaches have lots to learn from her, as well as musicians, bands & media personnel. Cannot recommend her enough! Absolute legend. Cheers Mon!"


Alex Duin (Guitar Manufacturer/Teacher)

"I would highly recommend this course to someone wanting to start up their own business, especially if the idea is more creative and off the beaten path. I had a lot of fun working with Monica on the Work From The Tour Bus course!!! I was so happy to find someone who was business savvy, hardworking and so passionate about the heavy music scene.

Monica kept everything straight to the point and easy to understand, I have come away with a clear idea of how to structure, plan and get my business model started. I also feel more confident to proceed and execute my plans knowing that I have some of these tools in my back pocket.

Monica is involved in the heavy music scene too so it was even more relevant for me than a standard style business course."


Sean OrcAdams (Session Musician)

"I have nothing but great things to say about this course. I had gotten some gigs as a studio musician over the past year, but was unsure how to take it further and seriously pursue it as a full time occupation. Monica's course gave me direction, along with the framework I needed to formalize my business. It also empowered me to believe that my dream was attainable.

If you have a "side hustle" within the music industry that you want to turn into a full-time endeavour, this course is highly recommended. Even if you have no idea what your business idea is, this course will help you realize it and give you everything you need to get off to a running start!

If you are in a band, you will find this course twice as helpful, as much of what you learn will also help grow your band."

 This is for you if...

→ You are passionate about the music industry and helping others succeed.

→ You know you were never built for the 9-5 grind and don't want to have to ask a boss for time off to tour or record (or just go on a f*cking holiday).

→ You are self-motivated, passionate, optimistic and have a big vision for your life.

→ You are ready to go all-in and are pumped to do what it takes to reach the next level in your career.

So, are you ready for more freedom, income + impact?