Growing On Twitch With Jon "StayPuft" Garcia of Knotfest

Jon 'StayPuft' Garcia started his Twitch Channel in December 2020 after feeling disenchanted with his job. By March 2022 he'd not only grown his audience establishing himself as a go-to for new heavy music, but had been offered a position hosting streams for Knotfest, eventually quitting the day job and turning his passion for heavy metal into a full time gig.

I had the pleasure of working with Jon as his coach during this period and it's been a real treat watching his career unfold. In this episode, we chat about this progression, how he got started and the benefits of a platform that's been on the rise for the last 3 years.

You'll also hear Jon reveal he actually never felt confident sharing his opinions about music before starting his Twitch channel. Yet the fear of what others would think was not as strong as his passion for music and the result was finding a likeminded community and establishing himself as an authority in the heavy metal genre.

This conversation was recorded earlier in the year but the announcement of Knotfest coming to Australia reminded me I really need to post this interview!

So enjoy this inspiring conversation with Jon Garcia AKA StayPuft_Mallow!

This episode is dedicated to Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder.

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