Being In A Band

Being In A Band

Hosted by: Monica Strut

Being in a Band is a podcast for savvy musicians and music industry professionals who want to learn more about the music business, marketing, branding, strategy, mindset and all things, well, being in a band. Hosted...


A Message To Musicians + Music Industry Pros Affected by the Lockdowns

Are you a musician or music industry pro who has been affected by the pandemic (ahem - probably all of you)? Many of us are now trying to find a way forward - particularly those of is based in Sydney + Melbourne,...
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How to Know What to Do Next in Your Music Career

We're living in the information age where we can learn anything about anything using Google University. But with many gurus now in the music marketing space, how do you know who to listen to? Many musicians find...
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Quantum Leaping Your Music Career With Emmy Mack of Redhook

Today, I'm catching up with one of my long-time good friends Emmy Mack of the Australian heavy rock/nu-metal band, Redhook! Redhook are a band that got the formula right from the get-go and by the time they released...
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Are You Focused On The Audience Or Yourself?

On this wild journey to becoming 'successful' - whatever that means to you - sometimes we can get caught up in our own egos, insecurities and goals and forget about the audience i.e. your customers! In this episode,...
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Killer Launches + Building a Business with Katie Zaccardi & Bree Noble

Episode #95

This is a very exciting episode with not one but TWO guests! Both Katie and Bree are musicians who have built their own businesses within the music industry out of their passion for helping others make money doing...
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Leveraging Social Media With Frankie Clarke of Frankie & The Studs

Episode #94

Today I'm chatting with Frankie Clarke, vocalist of L.A. Pop-Punk band, Frankie & The Studs. In this episode, Frankie reveals how she has used social media to grow her fanbase, get bigger shows and even a record...
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Managing Money In Your Band - Getting Over Awkwardness + Own B.S.

Episode #93

In this episode, I give you my top tips for managing money within your band partnership.  These are practical strategies as well as mindset tips to get rid of the awkwardness and start treating music more like a...
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Do You Actually Believe You Can Make It?

Episode #92

This is part two of my Facebook live with Curtis Dewar of Dewar PR. We talk about why your visuals matter and the reason bands don't spend money on their branding. It's not due to lack of funds, it's due to lack of...
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Why I Have 3 Coaches Helping My Career Right Now

Episode #91

This is part one of a Facebook Live I did with Curtis Dewar from Dewar PR where he asked me all about the coaching world. I explain what a coach does, why I have like, THREE, coaches right now and also give some...
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Applying for Music Grants with Kristy Gostelow of Kadence Group

Episode #90

Today I'm chatting with Kristy who is a professional music grant-writer! We chat about all things grants for musicians including lead-times, tips and tricks and some of the biggest mistakes she sees bands making when...
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Big News! New Music Industry Job + More!

Episode #89

In this episode, I give you a little bit of a life and career update within my biz and band that I've been dying to share with you! It also means some big changes and the beginning of an exciting new chapter! Apply...
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Crowdfunding 10k, Mental Health + Manifestation with Luna Vexa

Episode #88

Today I'm chatting with pop/electronic artist, Luna Vexa, who reveals how she Crowdfunded 10k in a month for her album last year! In this episode, she always speaks about her mental health journey balancing bipolar...
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