Being In A Band

Being In A Band

Hosted by: Monica Strut

Being in a Band is a podcast for savvy musicians and music industry professionals who want to learn more about the music business, marketing, branding, strategy, mindset and all things, well, being in a band. Hosted...


How to Find a Good PR Company

Season #1 Episode #32

This one was inspired by one of my listeners who has felt like they've been previously scammed by a 'PR company' who took their money but they didn't really see many results.  I am asked often how to find a good PR...
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The Art of the Video Clip with David Owen Blackley of Her Name is Murder Productions

Season #1 Episode #31

Today I’m speaking with someone who has actually played a pivotal role in my own musical journey. David Owen Blackley is a filmmaker, music video director and founder of Her Name is Murder Productions. He's worked...
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#Askmeanything - Third-Party Video Hosting YouTube Channels + Competition Between Bands

Season #1 Episode #30

Ooofftt! We haven't done an 'Ask me anything' episode since episode 3! Today I answer two questions from my community. 1) What's the deal with third-party video clip hosting channels on YouTube (like Dreambounce,...
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Getting a Band Manager + Balancing Your Day Job and Music With Jaz Yates

Season #1 Episode #29

Today I'm chatting to local band manager Jaz Yates! Jaz manages several local bands, runs her own business and also works a part-time day job! In this episode, we talk about what she's looking for when bringing bands...
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Looking After Your Mental Health in the Music Industry

Season #1 Episode #27

Mental health is a very important topic within the music industry right now. I’m glad more and more people are talking about it. Attitudes are certainly different nowadays than they were a few years ago. The latest...
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Branding + Release Strategy on a Budget with Spiritbox

Season #1 Episode #28

I cannot hide my excitement to bring you this interview with one of my favourite bands and favourite examples to use when talking about branding & release strategy! In this episode, I'm chatting to Courtney...
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The Temptation to Sign to a Label

Season #1 Episode #26

In this episode, I talk about the dangers of signing to the first label that approaches you.  Both my current and previous bands have been approached by labels, some more legitimate than others.  Although so far we...
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How to Pitch for Press with Greg Kennelty of Metal Injection

Season #1 Episode #25

What to do and not do when pitching for press coverage of your band with Greg Kennelty of Metal Injection! We talk about how to pitch, the information you need to include, when and how to follow up, how to forge...
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Being Self-Reliant in the Music Industry: A Rant

Season #1 Episode #23

Today I rant about professionalism and being self-reliant in the music industry. Don't forget to subscribe lol! Join the Being in a Band Membership For more tips, come connect with me on Instagram -...
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The Power of a Stage Name + Manifesting Your Dreams with Lindsay Schoolcraft of Cradle of Filth

Season #1 Episode #24

What happens when all your dreams come true?  Lindsay and I talk about manifestation and the fact that every single item on her vision board has happened. We also talk about the power of the stage name and get an...
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How to Plan Your Band's Year Ahead to Smash Your Goals

Season #1 Episode #22

Planning the year ahead as a band is so important. Not only does it give you milestones to look forward to, but ensures everyone is on the same page and held accountable so your band moves forward at the rate you want...
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All About the Band Manager with Blasko of BRXND Management

Season #1 Episode #21

Does your band want a manager? Then this episode is for you! Today, I speak with Rob Blasko. Not only is he a successful bassist playing with none other than Ozzy Osbourne, Danzig, Rob Zombie and more, but also a...
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