Hey, I'm Monica!

Hey, I'm Monica, a musician, heavy music fiend and “former” Myspace kid based in the creative city of Melbourne, Australia.

As a straight-shooting optimistic Sagittarian, I've always known that it's my life's mission to motivate and empower people to make the most out of their time here on this green and blue planet.

Since completing a music degree (and learning next to nothing about how the modern music industry actually works) I've seen far too many of my talented peers give up on their dreams.

So after working for years as a music journalist and digital marketer, I have dedicated my life to helping savvy emerging bands and passionate music industry pros like you reach the next level in their careers.


"Monica’s wealth of knowledge is a real testament to both her experience in the industry, and level of professionalism. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are incredibly grateful for the many opportunities afforded to us as a result of her guidance." - Bad Moon Born

But in 2016 I experienced the worst burnout of my life.

I'd spent years trying to build my local Sydney metal band up balancing writing, recording and touring with a full-time job I absolutely hated.

I always thought I'd leave my soul-sucking corporate role when my band got signed but before that happened, the band I'd sacrificed seemingly everything for broke up.

Needless to say, I was exhausted. 

I'd spent much of the time feeling like we were invisible. Ignored by the industry and that we'd hit a plateau in growth.  What made matters worse is that my whole identity was wrapped up in this project and when it ended I had no idea who I even was anymore outside of it.

I knew that if I was to start again with a new band I had to figure out a way to work faster, smarter and with a much better mindset if I was to succeed. And I did.

"Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.  What you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset." - Tony Robbins


Wanting a new start, I quit my job and packed up my 1998 Toyota Rav4 and relocated to the music capital of Australia, Melbourne in 2017 where I lived for a month on a friend's couch.

Shortly before moving I took a job as the social media manager + senior journalist for top music publication, HEAVY Magazine and switched my day job career to marketing working part-time for an e-commerce store in the fashion business.

After 9 months of learning about digital marketing and exploring a new city, I finally got my motivation for playing music back and found my current band The Last Martyr

As I started putting myself out there more as a journalist, I started getting DMs from people I knew, and others I didn't know asking for social media, marketing and other music industry advice - sometimes daily!  The universe had spoken and to answer some of the most common questions I started my YouTube channel which turned into a blog and now the Being in a Band podcast!

After finally quitting the day job I've been full time in my business since April 2021.  Every day I get to wake up and create, work on my band and live a life surrounded by music.

It's been one hell of a journey and although what I've learned and teach is very strategic, I know that if I didn't work on myself and my mindset, I certainly wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now.

Since 2018 I've worked with over 100 bands through my Membership, Courses and Coaching Services (plus thousands more through the Being in a Band Podcast), and this year was head-hunted by Warner music to run their heavy music publication, Maniacs!

I would love nothing more than to help your band or business create the career and life you want as well. 


BTW check out my band, The Last Martyr!