If you’re a musician or work in the music industry you’ll know how important your personal brand is in having success.

 They say your network is your net worth and you can leverage this network as well as your audience on and offline for more opportunities and income.

Think not only more opportunities for your band, but sponsorships, brand deals, media features and a ton of extra revenue streams.

 But putting yourself out there and building a personal brand can be scary AF!

When I started my business 3 years ago I suffered so badly with imposter syndrome and was so worried about what others think - and I consider myself a pretty confident person!

Over time I’ve learned to really hone my self-belief and show up even more authentically.  

This has led to more eyes on my band and being able to build my business to a point where I'm now doing it full time!

Only when we show up as our true selves, we can impact those we’re meant to with our music or business.  


After working in the music industry for years as a musician, music journalist and digital marketer, I’ve found that many musicians + music industry pros alike:

  • Are holding back because of what trolls or even what friends/family might think
  • Feel guilty about self-promo
  • Often don't feel 'good enough' (sub for young enough, attractive enough, talented enough, don't have the right connections, etc.)
  • Suffer debilitating imposter syndrome (feel like a fraud or any success was an accident)
  • Are shy/introverted (But FYI - extroverted isn't the same as confident)
  • Are too scared to invest money into their career because subconsciously they're not sure they'll 'make it'
  • Self-sabotage due to all of the above

Join Step Into The Spotlight and SAY GOODBYE to all of that! 💪


⚡️ NEWS FLASH: No one is going to knock on your door, hand you a certificate and say, “Congratulations, you’re now good enough to go after that thing you want!"

You have to do that yourself - but it takes practice!

Only then will we be able to:

👉 Grow a soul-aligned audience

👉 Take the big action required to have a successful career

👉 Live a fulfilling life that is congruent to your values

👉 Stand out from the competition.


💣 BOMBSHELL: If we are being true to ourselves we have no competition. 💣 

Yes, YOU are the secret weapon no one else can replicate!

If you’re reading this, you’re on the path to becoming a public figure or making some serious moves in the music industry. 

If you want to learn how to grow your confidence, overcome imposter syndrome and build a personal brand on and offline that will be essential for you having a full time career in the music industry, I invite you to Step into the Spotlight.

This powerful 2-hour workshop is broken into two sections:

First, we'll solidify an unshakable foundation of confidence.

Then we'll use that as a platform to create a powerful personal brand to advance your career.

Step 1: Confidence and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Confidence is fully something that can be learned, built over time like a muscle and improved upon. It’s also something that we’ll probably work on our entire lives!

  • Why confidence is vital to success
  • Building an unshakable confidence muscle 
  • Dealing with trolls + fear of judgement
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

(45 min approx)

Step 2: Building Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand positions you as an authority in your industry, gives you credibility, and differentiates yourself from the competition. The goal is to ultimately advance your career, increase your circle of influence, and have a larger impact.

  • Fostering a strong personal brand 
  • Growing your online presence

  • Networking

  • Your personal brand as a business

    (45 min approx)

PLUS! Q&A at the end!


"I just wanted to thank you for our talk the other day. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I've been working out a list of accomplishments from my last album release and it's opening my eyes to exactly how much work I did and I'm redefining what counts as a "win". Your idea to get outdoors was huge too. I didn't have a whole lot of time this weekend but I just went to a new park for an hour and just walked and "existed" for an hour with my phone off. Even just that had a huge impact.

A lot of consultants I've talked to have had good ideas for the marketing side and the grind, but I haven't gotten these kinds of recommendations from anyone else. I just feel very refreshed and I want to thank you so much for them."

Sean OrcAdams (USA)
Session Musician

“It’s honestly the best thing I could have done for my future work in bands.  It’s all well and good to start a band and play music, and you might have the best songs in the world but the knowledge on how to promote yourself and pitch yourself to (virtually) the world is arguably priceless.

Working with Monica was so easy- she’s the coolest person I’ve ever met, and is so supportive and easy to talk to through the entire journey. She makes you feel like you’ve been mates for years (even on the first zoom meeting). Every step up and small win is a giant celebration, and Monica will make sure you celebrate it!

The course has given me a whole set of new skills I didn’t even think possible. I’ve created some great new connections, and through Monica’s guidance and help, was able to set ourselves out so that we look like the real deal. It’s all still a bit surreal to be honest. I didn’t think we’d ever reach this stage, and then it all happened at once. It was super fun and easy working with Monica. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Baby Dave (AUS)

What's up, I'm Monica!

First and foremost I'm a musician and I know as much as anyone that it's a loooong way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll! Perhaps like me, you've had to stand strong and defend this unconventional career choice to others, but there is nothing else you can imagine doing.

After working for years as a music journalist and digital marketer (and seeing too many of my talented peers give up on their careers really early on), I started my coaching business to help emerging bands get the exposure they deserve.

But starting my biz meant putting myself out there in a whole new way. Queue imposter syndrome, self-doubt and a sprinkling of self-sabotage!

I have always had a huge passion for personal development because I know that our mindset is the main key to success.  Over the last few years I've had to draw upon all the tools I knew and learn a ton more to keep going and eventually grow my personal brand to a point where my biz is now my full time job!

If you can dream it, you. can be it - it's that simple.  But you have to believe it's possible first before it can be done.

I am so excited to share my knowledge with you because when we embody who we truly are, we empower others to do the same and the ripple effect can shift the world.

Choose your own adventure: