Using Reels & TikTok to Grow Your Band



The stats are in and using Reels is one of the fastest ways to grow your Instagram.

Similarly, the stats of other platforms pale to the potential reach TikTok can afford your band.
Two BIG reasons to be using these platforms:
1. A top trending song is typically a top trending song Spotify, as well. 

2. But it's not all about going TikTok-viral. These platforms allow you to create depth in the relationships you have with your audience through humour, behind the scenes content and more. This leads to more know/like/trust which leads to more sales.

But here's the kicker; Both these styles of content generally have to be unique compared to the videos on your other social media channels.
This means you have to spend dedicated time creating for these platforms. 😱
Luckily, I'm of the belief that things need to be fun and easy if they're going to be sustainable.  
I would also rather you spend time creating music than social media content.
Using these mediums might seem scary right now - they haven't been around as long as other platforms. But, I promise after this masterclass, you'll be inspired and empowered to embrace and leverage TikTok & Reels to grow your reach!

What's Covered:

👉 Why use TikTok & Reels
👉 Optimising your profiles
👉 Content planning
👉 Producing content
👉 Case studies + content ideas
👉 Overcoming imposter syndrome and fear of putting yourself out there
🔥 BONUS: TikTok & Reels Content Ideas List
🔥 BONUS: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Guided Meditation

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What People Are Saying

”The TikTok and Reels workshop was excellent. I thought I knew everything that I needed to 'transfer' content from my originals band (@stonetrainbandaustralia) and covers band (@xgenzband) sideways to these new platforms, but you proved me wrong! 

These new platforms are not 'just another FB or Instagram'. For a start, now I understand more about how the algorithm gods work, plus they have the opportunity to really extend an artist's reach to new audiences with new and novel ways of using the content we already produce as part of our creative process.

Your advice and tips in the workshop are and will continue to be super valuable! Especially given today's announcement of Zuckerberg's plans to rebrand an ageing FB platform.

- Leila Marimuthu


The amount of valuable information and knowledge Monica has to share is immense! If you’re unsure, just do it, trust me it is so so worth it! Absolute legend!"



Her guidance helped us in driving an unprecedented increase in online music sales and engagement compared to anything we've done before.



Given that Monica is very well in tune with digital marketing and the modern music industry, it really does give peace of mind that you are indeed in good hands.



A valuable and essential tool for anyone looking to guide their path into the music industry, in one capacity or another.  Monica is such a natural teacher and the attention to detail in every masterclass is honestly mind-blowing!

- No No No No No


Monica is unique among music marketing experts: she has to balance ‘real’ jobs, life, and her music career just like the rest of us, and she puts her own advice to the test with her own band, so you can see the value she provides play out (and work) in real-time!

-EFP Productions


After taking some time off music, I returned to the scene incredibly confused by the new world of social media. Monica has been an immense help in helping me understand the different aspects of effective social media engagement and management.

- Torizon/Overdrive PR


VERY good advice. You've opened up our eyes to the way the modern music industry works.



Monica’s no-nonsense approach is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of BS.

-Red Gazelle


I have not seen the type of work Monica does, approached such a motivating manner. Cannot recommend her enough!

- Cody Beattie

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't wait! In a year you'll wish you jumped. on TikTok & Reels sooner! 

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What's up, I'm Monica!

First and foremost I'm a musician. This year my alt. metal band relaunched with a single that achieved Spotify playlisting, rotation on radio, immense fan growth, 40+ quality media placements, festival offers and a signing to the biggest heavy music booking agency in the country and more - all through mostly online promotion.

I am also a music journalist (most recently I was the editor of Warner Music's Maniacs), digital marketer, artist coach and host of the Being in a Band podcast. 

Over the years I've seen far too many of my talented peers quit music and it's my mission to empower and inspire musicians and music industry pros to live a life they dream of. Are you ready?