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Life’s too short to let an employer dictate when you can go on tour, get into the studio or even go the f*ck home. It’s time to start making money doing what you love.

For most musicians and creatives, our dream is to be able to wake up every day and simply…create.

To have the freedom to design our days in the way that we choose and earn a living doing what lights us up.

But for a decade of my life, I commuted for hours to and from work on a cold train, wishing I was back in bed, could work from home, or better still, on the other side of the world on tour.

I remember dreading that groundhog day feeling of sitting at a desk for eight hours thinking to myself, “I did go home to sleep last night, right?”

Can you relate to this?

I know all too well that feeling of being held back by a job you’re not passionate about. A job that dictates the hours you work, the time you can take off and even, what you can wear! Sometimes it feels like you’re living a double life.

As creatives, working too long in positions where we are under-stimulated, under-valued (and likely under-paid) can eat away at motivation, creativity and self-worth overtime.

It’s time to live life on your own terms.


Introducing: “Work From the Tour Bus”

This is a 6-week self-study course for any musician or business within the music industry who is ready to start building their own online empire!

Each week you’ll get a module on a different topic from designing the business and life you want to how to set up your business, market yourself and grow well into the future.

Hell yeah, I'm in!

Who is this for?

☑️ You are a musician currently in a day job you hate.

☑️ You want the ability to tour or record without asking for time off from a manager (who may or may not give a sh*t)

☑️ You're already have a biz within the music industry but are stuck on how to make a profit or grow.

3 years ago I had a vision of waking up every day, creating and helping others do the same.

In April this year my side-hustle coaching business is now my full time job! 🎉

AND I make more money a month than I ever did in my day job!

Not only that, but through my biz I’ve been able to establish myself as a leader in my field, grow my network and – as an added bonus – lead more followers/fans/industry people to my band!

Now, I want to help you do the same!

🤘 🤘 🤘 

Course Modules:

Week 1: Create Your Hell Yeah Business

Let's start with the end in mind. This module will help you find or clarify your business idea and create a vision for your life.

Week 2: Your Online Business Strategy & Offer

Let's define your products + services. I'll also give you my simple 3-step strategy to not only attract your ideal audience but convert them to customers!

Week 3: Setting up + Branding Your Biz

You’ll learn what tools and systems you’ll need to set your business up (BTW it’s actually less than what you may think). We will also craft your branding!

Week 4: Marketing Your Biz

You’ll learn not only how to reach more people online, but establish yourself as a leader and build trust with your audience.

Week 5: Making Sales

The art of sales! How to convert your followers into customers and how to make more sales in your business (without the sleaze).

Week 6: Grow Your Biz

You have an epic biz, now let's grow and scale so you not only get more customers and make more money, but also have longevity. 

What you get:

6x Modules (Drip-Fed Weekly): Each module contains one or more instructional videos created to be as engaging as possible.

Workbooks + Resources: To help you plan and incorporate the information straight away.

Bonus - Q&A Replay + Resources Library: A selection of hand-picked resources plus the Q&A replay from this live round of this course which answers common questions.

VIP Option - 1x 60-Minute Consulting Call + Unlimited Support Via Facebook Messenger

Monica had truly come in the right time for me, and there was nothing better at the time than finding the Working From The Tour Bus course. As a professional in the music industry, I had been a bit unclear the past few months as to what my exact vision and purpose is towards working in the industry. I knew that I had all the info and knowledge required, but I wasn't sure exactly how to take that next step in order to reach the right people who may be in need of my help.

After taking Monica's course, my vision became so much more crystal clear and my longing to help musicians has expanded to greater lengths.

Each module was thorough, concise and well explained and she is wonderful at answering any questions we had. I highly recommend having Monica as your coach or enrolling in the Working From The Tour Bus course. You will learn a lot and everything that you weren't exactly sure about will become so much more defined."

Isha Howard
Music Marketing Coach


 "Monica's overall vibe, language, spirituality & journey was something I really connected with. As I was already pursuing my own media & content as a business, I found there was no one better to work with!


I have discovered the ins & outs of the industry. I have gained not only the confidence to work with individuals in the music industry but also potential customers, friends & fans. Monica's focus on attitude, positivity, spirituality & connectedness within the industry is second to none.

I have not seen the type of work Monica does, approached such a motivating manner - her countless encouragement & "hell yeah" attitude alone is worth the time. Other coaches have lots to learn from her, as well as musicians, bands & media personnel. Cannot recommend her enough! Absolute legend. Cheers Mon!"

Cody Beattie
Artist Manager


Pricing Options



Course Only

  • 6x pre-recorded course modules drip-fed weekly
  • Bonus: Resources + Q&A call replay from live round

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Course + Support

  • Everything in the Classic option
  • 1x 60-minute private consulting call with Monica
  • Unlimited support via Facebook Messenger for 6 weeks

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3-Month Mentorship


Most popular!

  • Everything in the Classic option
  • 6x 60-minute private consulting calls with Monica (2 per month)
  • Unlimited support via Facebook Messenger for 12 weeks
  • Bonus: An epic library + database of resources and contacts to help you + your biz excel

The mentorship is by application only.  Payment plan available!


"I have nothing but great things to say about this course. I had gotten some gigs as a studio musician over the past year, but was unsure how to take it further and seriously pursue it as a full time occupation. Monica's course gave me direction, along with the framework I needed to formalize my business. It also empowered me to believe that my dream was attainable.

If you have a "side hustle" within the music industry that you want to turn into a full time endeavor, this course is highly recommended. Even if you have no idea what your business idea is, this course will help you realize it and give you everything you need to get off to a running start!

If you are in a band, you will find this course twice as helpful, as much of what you learn will also help grow your band."

Sean OrcAdams
Session Musician

"I would highly recommend this course to someone wanting to start up their own business, especially if the idea is more creative and off the beaten path. I had a lot of fun working with Monica on the Work From The Tour Bus course!!! I was so happy to find someone who was business savvy, hardworking and so passionate about the heavy music scene.

Monica kept everything straight to the point and easy to understand, I have come away with a clear idea of how to structure, plan and get my business model started. I also feel more confident to proceed and execute my plans knowing that I have some of these tools in back pocket.

Monica is involved in the heavy music scene too so it was even more relevant for me than a standard style business course."

Alex Duin
Dune Guitars, Melbourne


You and I both know it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll. So why not create a business you can do from anywhere – the tour bus included!